Truly natural wastewater treatment systems

Completely sustainable and odourless wastewater and sewage systems for both domestic and commercial use.


Why Natural Flow?

Simply put… ‘We do it Simpler, Nature’s Way!

NaturalFlow is the solution for These robust, power-free sewage treatment systems in NZ have very little maintenance requirements and are cost-effective throughout their lifetime. As a team, we are committed to delivering nationwide installation and quality support on time – every time. Find out how nature is harnessed to treat wastewater and the benefit from the NaturalFlow difference today.

Why Natural Flow?

No Power Required

Use the sustainable forces of nature to treat your water and save on power bills. Meaning there’s no power required during the treatment processes and on very flat sites a small pump is all that maybe needed to move the treated water from the NaturalFlow system to the Land Application Field.

Why Natural Flow?

Minimal Maintenance

NaturalFlow takes care of itself without constant monitoring and mechanical repairs, just like a natural ecosystem, giving you the chance to spend more time on the important areas in your life.

Why Natural Flow?

Cost Effective

With uncomplicated installation, daily operation and no power required in the treatment processes, the NaturalFlow system is cost effective from day one and financially sustainable into the future.

modular septic tank system
Why Natural Flow?

Modular System

The NaturalFlow is a modular system designed to suit your individual site needs. From primary through to secondary treatment, your system is designed for your specific site and your particular needs.

How It Works

Keeping it simple is our philosophy; using power free natural aerating processes, instead of mechanical pumps etc, to treat wastewater to advanced secondary levels.

Nature is one huge recycling mechanism, and the ‘NaturalFlow System’ works with ‘Nature’ by harnessing these forces, that have been quietly working together for thousands of years to break down and decompose waste all around us, and positioning them in an enclosed eco-system that simulates the forest floor, to treat and break down your wastewater until it is perfectly safe to be re-introduced into the environment, via the soil, and of course – ‘Nature’ does all this, for you, for FREE!

Septic Tank Alternative

One of the oldest and most basic approaches to treating sewage and wastewater is the classic septic tank. In this system, all your sewage and wastewater goes into one tank. The solids sink and settle to the bottom, and the lighter scum floats to the top. The middle layer contains the liquid that is now ideally clear of solids and pumped out to the soakage fields.

Here’s where the problem lies: as the solids build up over time, the middle water becomes narrower and more solids are pushed out to your soakage fields, resulting in the foul odour that septic tanks are famous for. The same thing happens when there’s a sudden influx (or shock loading) of sewage and wastewater into your tank, and there’s no time for the solids to separate and settle.

Furthermore, when the drainage field clogs up with the solids in the effluent, the effluent cannot absorb properly into the earth and can cause runoff or pooling. This can result in contamination and overflowing trenches, harmful to both humans and animals.

NaturalFlow presents an innovative septic tank alternative by solving these problems from the start. NaturalFlow’s approach separates the solids and liquid right at the beginning of the treatment process, reducing them down to harmless humus by way of vermiculture and other natural media processes. The liquid, now extremely free of contaminates, is furthered filtered before being returned to the environment.

Unlike septic tanks, which need to be pumped out every 3-5 years, NaturalFlow requires practically no system maintenance, while promising to operate at peak performance for years to come.


Based on a number of innovative modules, the NaturalFlow Wastewater and Sewage Systems are very flexible and adaptable to any site challenges you may face at your place.

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What Others Think

“Gee I love you guys :)”

I was called this morning from Rangi to say the 6-monthly inspection is being done at 2pm today.

Your guy doing it has been held up, so he actually called to let me know.
This is never happens normally with tradie type people.

If your company ever needs someone to sell your systems up this end of the woods then give me an interview.
After my experience with all your people, I would be proud to sell it!

Kim Robson

What Others Think


“NaturalFlow system is such a basic and easy system to look after and operate. We are very pleased with it and are glad we went with the system. The grey water has certainly been great on the gardens and the black water bed once planted looks after itself. Great!”

Dennis & Marie

What Others Think

“Looks after itself”

“Back in 2008 along with our building projects we decided to go for the NaturalFlow sewage system as it didn’t require any power, on our site. We have been very impressed with the performance of this system, with very little maintenance, it basically looks after itself.
Without hesitation I would recommend the NaturalFlow system to anyone as I have had no difficulties with product or the friendly team at Waterflow NZ Ltd.